Altar Teknoloji Drupal Web Sitesi ve SEO İyileştirmesi

Altar Teknoloji Drupal Website and SEO Improvement

We developed a website for technical community management purposes for Altar Teknoloji, which is one of the Autodesk “Gold Partner” in Turkey.

Content and Data Migration

In addition to new software, old forum and comment data on Altar Teknik’s old website has been migrated to Drupal seamlessly, in a short time. With the data migration performed, lots of idle content consisting of user discussions, has met with the users again, and at the same time, an SEO friendly site infrastructure with lots of unique content, has been attained.

SEO and Social Media Optimization

As Binbiriz team, customer satisfaction is indeed the most important thing for us. Because our customers that we have developed software for, continues to work with us, is a strong sign that we are successful in this regard. We have an ongoing consulting services contract for the past year, including services like SEO and social media optimization with Altar Teknoloji too. We moved and continue to move Altar Teknoloji a few steps ahead of its competitors in the area of online sales with our SEO services.

Altar Teknolojiweb Sitesi Görüntüsü

Our Web Application and SEO Examples

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