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Web Uygulaması Geliştirme Çözümleri

Web Application Development

  • Do you know that web based applications suitable for your workflow provide high quality?
  • Don't you want to deliver impressive digital experiences on the web?
  • Are your systems sufficient in security, performance, accessibility, SEO?
Mobil Uygulama Geliştirme Çözümleri

Mobile Application Development

  • Do you know that you can increase the interaction rate of your users with a modern mobile application?
  • Have you integrated your web applications with your mobile application?
  • How can you increase your online sales with mobile applications?
Mobil Uygulama Geliştirme Çözümleri

Software Consulting

  • What would it cost you to start a project without a needs analysis and roadmap?
  • What are the digital goals of your organization?
  • Do you want to identify your digital problems?
Yazılım Teknik Destek  Çözümleri

Software Technical Support

  • Does your software fail to meet your demands?
  • Do you want to make additional improvements?
  • Does your software need bug fixes or improvements?
Yazılım Denetimi /  Analizi

Software Audit / Analysis

  • Do you think your software has been hacked?
  • Why doesn't your content rank high in search engines like Google?
  • Can disabled and elderly people use your app?
Yazılım Barındırma / Hosting, Güncelleme, Yedekleme

Software Hosting, Update, Backup

  • Are there regular security updates of your software and server?
  • What is the performance status of your software?
  • Do you know that having a hosting service does not mean that the software and server are updated?

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