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The name Binbiriz is the continuation of the scientific knowledge of the thousand years of human history, and it expresses you, us and all of us as the increaser of this accumulation. Binbiriz is our humble traces that we will leave to future generations next to the traces of human development from the past. It is the name of thanks to the architects of community production, open source knowledge, software and hardware, which has contributed greatly to the rapid growing technological advancement that has been forcing our dima for a few decades.

As Binbiriz, we opened our eyes to the world in 2016 with an R & D project in Precision Agriculture. Our team has long years of experience in the field of software in both R & D, and in the medium term in the program, we have put our goal as one of the important companies in Turkey. 

With many years of experience of our team in the software development, we have put our goal as one of the important companies in Turkey in both R&D and software fields. At present, we are taking firm steps in this way with our products and our production, which we increase our capacity day by day, qualitatively and quantitatively.

We are planning to add an important SaaS (Software as a Service) model product in the field of food to our research and development studies on variable rate applications, precision fertilization, precision spraying and farm management systems.

We improve our products such as Turkey's first location-based task management system that Nirengo, Congress and Conference Management System and we are working on new product ideas.

We offer special software solutions to the needs of Turkey's major universities, public institutions and private companies.

Our export activities, which we started in 2017 especially in the field of software, are increasing and continuing successfully.

With the quality and harmony of our team, accurate identification of the needs of our customers, detailed planning and timely delivery according to this plan, providing quality production, our detailed documentation and globally recognised development methodology; don't be surprised if you see us tomorrow among the important companies of our country and the world.

Have a cup of coffee with us... Let us introduce our products, understand your needs, produce a tailored solution, digitize your processes together. Let us introduce our products, understand your needs, produce a tailored solution, digitize your processes together. We say together because as we have stated above, Binbiriz expresses you, us, all of us.

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