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Inkrowder TV - Drupal Based Video Contest Website's goal is to focus on crowdsourcing in the production of advertisement videos of world-famous brands. The management of the stages such as the production, selection, voting, and rewarding of the videos is carried out with the Drupal infrastructure we have developed.

Drupal Video Website

First of all, the system is based on a crowd-sourced foundation, unlike the usual one. The process of creating and selecting videos is done not by the experts of the subject, but by a community that is a member of the website. You shoot a video in accordance with the keyword determined within the scope of the brand's campaign, you sign up and upload your video very quickly and expect your video to be shared and liked through the portal. Your video stands out among its competitors with a complex sharing + watching + likes algorithm that works at the back. And then very special rewards are waiting for you. is a Netherlands based startup project. The target audience is Dutch, but don't be surprised when you see people shooting for Inkrowder on the streets in different parts of the world in the coming days.

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