Software for NGO's

NGOs need software as much as commercial institutions. Every NGO that wants to expand its target audience should be digitalized and in this sense should receive software services. The software services we provide for NGOs as Binbiriz:

  • In-house (Intranet) custom software projects (Member management, application tracking, document management, personnel management, financial management etc.)
  • Workflow management systems (Event management, volunteer management, congress management, record management, scholarship management etc.)
  • Map and location-based web software
  • Data visualization
  • Donation and payment systems, E-commerce platforms
  • In-house social network
  • E-Learning systems
  • Websites and mobile applications
  • Software consultancy

If you want to get more information about the digitalization of NGOs, you can read the article titled "Digitalization Increases in NGOs" written by our friend Gamze.

You can also contact us and get an offer to get service about digitalization.

Our work in this category:
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