İTÜ-DER Drupal 8 Powered Website and Member Forum

İTU-DER entered the 7th Ordinary General Assembly with its new website. İTÜ-DER, which has been experiencing serious problems with printing site images, mobile compatibility, visual design, and member-specific sections on their Wordpress powered website for a long time, has preferred Drupal 8 and solved its problems.

İTÜ-DER Drupal 8 Site Performance

High Performance with Drupal 8

The developed site now has a modern visual design and high performance. In the site, where a basic level of SEO development was also made, it was aimed to reduce the bounce rate and ease the user.

In addition to being a corporate website, the new ITU-DER site also includes a forum

  • where members' information is kept,
  • which can be sent to members via mass e-mail
  • that contains only content that is open to view by members of the association, such as meeting minutes,
  • where members of the association can comment on the topics they have determined and present their opinions.

Although a full member information system definition cannot be defined for the Drupal 8 based system at the moment, the software has the flexibility to transform an infrastructure where members' all digital needs related to the association's work can be met and managed.

Technologies used:


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