Mor Çatı Application Tracking And Management System

Mor Çatı - Application Tracking And Management System

Mor Çatı Women Shelter Foundation works intensively in Turkey against violence towards women. We have started to develop the software after the request from Mor Çatı to track applications and manage the system for NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to enter the applicant information, receive easier data outputs from annual activity reports, and in necessary situations reach information about an applicant faster.

Mor Çatı primarily requested were; an easy user experience, not to tire the user, a program should be usable by other foundations in the future and it should be flexible and upgradeable. We built the system’s information architecture and draw page drafts. It took 6 months to develop the system and it became one of the biggest software for process control for NGOs.

What does the application tracking and management system do?

Mor Çatı receives approximately 1000 applications annually and it was very hard for the volunteers to record, track and analyze those with software like excel. With our software, it became much easier to record a receiving application. Besides this ease with nearly 500 fields in the software received information became much more detailed. Information about the applicant, information about reasons for applications, tracking of the support provided and meetings, information about the process of the trials, tracing of the services provided by partner organizations, tracking of entrance and exit to the shelters, and the activities done in the shelter. Those and much more information about the whole process became available for tracking and related to each other.

With the data entry, Mor Çatı moved over 10.000 applications from previous years to the digital platform. By doing so, making calls from past events became easier and long-term analysis became possible.

One of the purposes of the Application Tracking and Management System developed for Mor Çatı is to give a suitable output of information in the database containing annual reporting for statistics software like SPSS and doing analysis. We saw that one of the most important requests is moving the old data and making them suitable for other software. The software we developed is capable to give an output of all the data in excel format. By doing so we reduced the work power needed from volunteers while preparing periodical reports and on the other hand, the possibility of analyzing the incident story field is possible to analyze not just quantitative but also qualitative data.

The software lets you search through the data it contains. For example, you can make a search in the last 6 months’ data to see how many of them are related to physical violence and how many of the victims received this violence. It is also possible to create an output of the lists you created from your search results suitable for excel and you can use filters for those outputs.

Is it safe for NGO software?

Security of the data was always the top priority of the software. Drupal provides corporate-level security. System APIs are designed to be secure if used in their current structure. As we mentioned in many of our blog posts, the Drupal platform is used and preferred in many of the top security-level systems across the world. At this point, we think Drupal is the best choice for NGO software. Usage of the system is closed from the outside and only Admin or Editor roles can make data input. Only Admin can add new users.

After all development and information architecture build, the system was tested in Binbiriz servers, and finally, Application Tracking and Management System moved to the Mor Çatı server and became online.

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