TMMOB Drupal Hosting, Maintenance, Development and Consultancy

Approximately 2.5 years ago; World’s one of the largest Engineer’s Chamber with its 24 chambers, and their 197 branches, 45 District/City Coordination Councils, 450 thousand members, Turkish Engineers and Architects Association (Chamber) 's corporate website has been published by our team members. Today, we continue to serve TMMOB with our new contract covering migration, development, consultancy and hosting services.

Drupal Server Migration

TMMOB’s website server was working on a much larger server than required. This, increased costs and due to the waste of resources, was hurting the environment. After careful planning and analysis, we identified server requirements of TMMOB’s website and we configured the server specifically for TMMOB. Then, the migration to the new server was completed and website was taken online.

Drupal Hosting

We have undertaken the hosting for our customer, and because the work needed for security updates and back-ups handled by us, customer’s IT workload relieved.

TMMOB website now rests on a cloud server tuned specifically for Drupal, and served to its users faster and more securely.

Drupal Development and Consultancy

We examine the new requests of the customer’s IT team, and we offer them the consultancy services suitable for implementation. We provide Drupal Development services required for the implementation of requests too. Every development task is completed after planning, analysis and customer approval.

Then, after the customer IT team tests and approves the development tasks, changes are taken live.

Technologies used:

TMMOB Drupal Hosting, Maintenance, Development and Consultancy

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