Social Impact Analysis Corporate Social Network

Social Impact Analysis Corporate Social Network

With Koc University Social Impact Forum , we have started to build a corporate social network website to measure the "Social Impact" of the events, works and campaigns that institutions have organized with the motto "Reap what you sow".

At first, we conducted a planning scenario that combined the data structure, information architecture, user scenarios and the screen drafts.

Accordingly, we have started the Drupal development process that’d fit as it’s written below.

Content Types:

  • Blog
  • Event
  • Token
  • Theory
  • Application

User Roles:

  • Blogger
  • Editor


  • Bloggers sign up to the system. Editors approve their memberships.
  • Bloggers can pre-post content, only Blog and Event types.
  • Editors approve the content that is written by Bloggers.
  • Editors do not approve some content that is written by Bloggers. Then they send the content back to the blogger who write it to make the changes and edit.
  • Bloggers resend the content to Editors that was edited.
  • Editors approve and publish the content that was edited by Bloggers.
  • Editors input Theory, Application and Token type of contents.
  • Editors manage the users.
  • Bloggers like the contents that is written by other Bloggers.
  • The most liked contents are spotted out on a different block on each user’s profile

We have started the visual design process that would fit to this scenario with a visual director simultaneously with the development process. On the time back-end development ended, the visual layouts that was approved by KUSIF crew, was applied to the site with front-end development.

The site has been announced at "the 2nd Social Impact Computation Conference"by the KUSIF team members and the site is welcome for the new users.

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