2016 İnternet Haftası Kutlu Olsun
Orkut Murat Yılmaz / 12.04.2016

Happy 2016 Internet Week

Yesterday (April 11 2016) was the start of The Internet Week 2016, which is celebrated with events all across Turkey.

In April 12, 1993, exactly 23 years ago today, IT Center at the Middle East Technical University Computer, and NSF (National Science Foundation) made a 5-minute TCP / IP connection, which was accepted as "Internet's birth in Turkey".

We, too, are taking place and organize various activities both to celebrate the birth of the Internet in Turkey and to promote the Free Software.

Happy Birthday, Internet!

Happy Internet Week 2016 :)


Nationwide events, can be followed here: http://internethaftasi.org.tr/

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