Drupal Multisite

Drupal Multisite

Multisite is used to configure multiple sites and / or sub-sites simultaneously. Opening new sites for your growing, branching pages and managing them separately can become a very difficult situation. We apply Drupal Multisite management to meet this need but to overcome the management difficulty.

What does Drupal Multisite do?

Thanks to Multisite;

  •     Enables sharing of a single database on multiple sites.
  •     Since the database of the sites is the same, the data does not need to be redefined.
  •     It provides excellent agility in starting new sites quickly.
  •     It allows the same modules to be used on different sites.
  •     It allows you to create an effective development environment.
  •     It allows you to preview and test a site before getting it live.
  •     It is enough to install a single server on your multisite sites using the same core.
  •     It simplifies server management and minimizes the maintenance and management needs of sites despite limited staff and resources.

What are the modules that can be used for Drupal Multisite Management?

For multisite management; "Aegir" module, which standardizes processes, easily removes errors and saves time, "Domain Access" module, which is actively used in about 16,000 sites and is supported continuously, the "Spaces" module, which has a highly flexible architecture that allows you to adapt multiple areas run from the same Drupal installation of your sites, can be used.

Managing multiple sites is quite a challenge, but thanks to Drupal Multisite, this burden is significantly reduced, helping with management and development.

Our work in this category:
MMO and its Branches are Online with Drupal Multisite Structure

MMO Web Portal is Online with Drupal Multisite Structure

With the installation of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Drupal Multisite, an authorization process was created in accordance with the Headquarters / Branch hierarchy.