Drupal Intranet Application

Drupal Intranet Application

Whatever the size, all businesses consider intranet to ease the management from distance and stabilization of information flow. Traditionally some private property software like Sharepoint, jive is preferred for intranet, but Drupal is a popular open source alternative for them. Compared to expensive and per user licensed proprietary software, Drupal’s intranet solutions reduce the costs immensely.

Drupal’s core user management system, collaboration features and being an innate CMS, make it a natural platform for intranet. Drupal is easy to integrate with existing user management systems like Active Directory, CAS with LDAP and CAS modules. Forum and Comment modules that Drupal has in its core, and a lot more modules that Drupal community developed, creates a rich social corporate experience environment. In addition to all these, Drupal’s flexible file and management features which can easily handle companies’ custom special resource management makes it one step ahead of competition.

Our work in this category:
Mor Çatı Application tracking and management system homepage

Mor Çatı - Application Tracking And Management System

Foundation is one of the most well-developed Tracking and Management System that is worked on for non-profit organizations in Turkey
TOSB Domestic Hybrid Taxi Survey Intranet Application

TOSB Domestic Hybrid Taxi Survey Intranet Application

With the support from East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA), TAYSAD (Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers) Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) ‘s survey system within the framework of “Domestic Hybrid Taxi Technical and Social Research Report” has been realized with Drupal.

Base Dekor Design Center

BASE Design Center Pattern Database and Process Management System

First, we started the meetings for the Pattern Database Application which is needed to be used to vastly list and edit the patterns that they produce for costumers and to generate the catalogues.