Corona Virüs ve Uzaktan Eğitim / E-Learning
Mazlum Keleş / 03.04.2020

Corona Virus and E-Learning / Online Education

With the appearance of the Coronavirus into our lives, our movements, work, and entertainment styles have completely changed within a few weeks. Scenarios are expressed that nothing will be the same anymore and this process will continue for a long time. It is possible to say that this huge trauma will remain for the whole world after Corona. I did not leave the house due to the call of the officials “stay at home”. On my 9th day, I will try to explain how the e-learning platforms that have already become popular with the Coronavirus in this article.

The Effect of Corona Virus on Education

No doubt, the Corona virus has changed the lives of all of us. The world is in a situation of panic because of the virus, which has psychological effects, business effects, government institutions effects, global effects, local effects, and many negative effects that I cannot count. The balance sheet of this situation, which I hope will be taken under control sooner or later, has already reached very serious dimensions. Although the disruption of education seems to be a simple problem among these negative effects, it is not. It is inevitable that all production processes and all sectors will be affected negatively in the long period when the training stops.

Consider that graduations are postponed for 6 months or 1 year. In other words, imagine that people who will participate in the production process for a year. Imagine those who could not participate in the production process consume more than 1 year. In the world, where everything is interconnected and education is a very fundamental subject, the fact that the whole operation stops for a year, and the existing mechanism is turned upside down, may mean a decade of return.

Corona ve Uzaktan Eğitim

Is the Education Area Ready for Corona Virus?

No country in the world was already ready for the Corona virus. In many countries, schools were interrupted indefinitely due to the Coronavirus and thousands of conferences, seminars, etc. canceled. The field of education entered a serious crisis.

So how will education continue in this situation? How will the hiring of employees from every sector be ensured? What will students who cannot graduate do? How sufficient will the policies of countries on this issue be? How long will it take schools to open after Coronavirus is completely under control? Dozens of questions can be asked. None of us can fully predict the answer to these questions, but we can minimize the disruption of education by digitizing the education processes and using e-learning platforms.

Are E-Learning Platforms Sufficient?

The world's and Turkey's many universities’ e-learning platforms were using at least partly before Coronavirus. However, the use of e-learning platforms in primary, secondary, and high schools is almost negligible. Although a variety of e-learning platforms are established and TV programs are organized for primary and high schools in Turkey, we will see that these studies are inadequate in the coming days. Students who are already far behind the curriculum do not even know how to have exams. In our country where technology is not used very effectively, it will be more striking to encounter the negative aspects of software disregard due to the coronavirus.

All educational institutions announce that they have taken important steps in terms of online education. However, the high spreading rate of the Coronavirus, the long duration of the development of an e-learning platform, few expert firms in this field; we can understand that what has been done so far is not enough.

Herkes için Uzaktan Öğrenme Araçları

Nevertheless, it should be underlined that the only remedy to minimize disruption in education is online education methods. Therefore, my opinion is more budget should be allocated to online education and work should have with leading companies/institutions from all over the world.

E-Learning Tools for Everyone

These days when everyone is at home, we have more time to read and learn.

We can access to infinite information about our interests on the Internet. However, instead of non-systematic random learning methods, I recommend you to examine E-Learning platforms where useful and systematic content are shared. Therefore, I would like to end my article by sharing some “free” e-learning platforms that attract my attention in various fields: EDX, Khan Academy, Freecodecamp, Future Learn

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