Multi-site - it allows you to serve many sites from a single Drupal codebase. This can greatly reduce the overhead of managing code across multiple sites, and enables great agility in launching new sites quickly. With multi-site, you only need to maintain one copy of Drupal core and your contributed modules (except for some special cases which I'll go into later). Each site shares the same code, but has a different database. This means that content, configuration, and appearance can be vastly different, but the code can be consistent, and managed centrally.

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Is Drupal Better or Wordpress?

Is Drupal or Wordpress a better CMS?

The debate about which CMS is better, probably starts with the first ocurrence of the CMS concept. “Is Drupal better or Wordpress or Joomla?” debate is much more heated topic than “Red Dot better or Interwoven ?” debate during the 90’s, when internet is at its infancy, Truth be told, nobody in…