GPL (General Public License) is a free software license that is used on many things, allowing the end-user to make changes to use, share. The original of this license was written by Richard Stallman for the GNU Project under the name of the Free Software Association (FSF). GPL is a copyrighted license derivative that can be distributed under the same license terms. Among these privileged, tolerant free software licenses, BSD and MIT licenses are the most used.

The GNU General Public License, written by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), aims to secure four fundamental freedoms. These four fundamental freedoms are, respectively:

  • Freedom 0: Freedom to use the program unlimitedly.
  • Freedom 1: Freedom to examine how the program works and change it for purposes.
  • Freedom 2: Freedom to distribute copies of the program unlimitedly.
  • Freedom 3: Freedom to distribute the modified version of the program.
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