After the Internet became widespread, the way of trade became available over the internet through a number of systems. This new understanding is called e-commerce.

What are the Advantages of E-commerce?

  • The company's customers can be viewed as a 24/7 branch where customers can reach the companies. It is always accessible.
  • Since the shopping process takes place much faster in the mobile environment, time is saved.
  • Since there is no space shortage in the internet environment, more products can be offered to the customer.
  • Many products can be examined in a short time. Product comparison opportunities expand.
  • Due to the high competition in the virtual environment for the customer, it can buy products at a low price.
  • Inventory, product cost, labor, shop expenses are much lower.
  • A standard store addresses only the customer potential within its territory. There is no such restriction for e-commerce companies.
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