Drupal E-Commerce Web Site

The development of the internet, offers more convenience for people's lives with technology. Many people prefer the internet to buy products and services. Today, 60% of shoppers in well-developed countries are using the internet to buy goods and services. The reason why this shopping method is accepted as utilizable is that e-commerce sites give people the ease of shopping in their home comfort.

Advantages of E-Commerce Sites;

  • It improves the brand equity of the company.
  • By making information available for digital platforms, it reduces the cost of creating, distributing, retrieving and managing paper-based information.
  • Your company can provide better customer service and relationships.
  • It helps to simplify business processes and making them faster and more efficient.
  • By using e-commerce sites you can expand your products for national and international markets with minimum capital investment, you can easily find more customers, the best suppliers and suitable business partners for your company anywhere in the world.

Drupal E-Commerce Sites

Drupal provides a flexible and measurable foundation for any size and variety of e-commerce sites. Modules have been created to provide features such as a coupon, invoicing, Paypal, Amazon and E-bay integration for e-commerce only. These features have greatly increased Drupal's e-commerce capacity.
As Binbiriz, we can customize your site, design your own custom and user-friendly interface and frontend, develop product listings and search screens as a solution for your needs. Inventory management and follow-up of your products are also easy with Drupal. At the same time, your payment procedure can be integrated with different banking systems. In addition, with the SEO support we provide, your site can be optimized to be placed at the top of the search engine’s results, so traffic flow on your site can get bigger.

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