CMS, content management system, is the name of the building web site platforms that allows you to manage user, content, communication, and can report and analyze. It’s possible to create a web application with PHP or C# codes, but there’s also an opportunity to create it with fewer code lines by using content management systems. For the common needs, there are ready-made and tested codes. These CMS’ include the solutions and present you to use it over its interface.  Drupal, WordPress, Joomla are the most used CMS'. That can be preferred different CMS' according to the reason for use.

Drupal As A CMS

 Drupal is the most inclusive, flexible and performance one among CMS'. It has a modular structure and with that, it’s constantly being developed and easily be changed. Because of these characteristics, it is the reason for preference. On the other hand, security is another reason to choose Drupal. After the White House changed its system to Drupal, NASDAQ also chooses Drupal and it creates attention for the world. With all these features, it’s possible to build a simple blog or a very complex intranet application by using Drupal.

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