Aegir is an interface that is developed by Drupal itself to host Drupal sites. It’s possible to define a Drupal platform and create a website from this platform over the Aegir interface. On a new site, Aegir creates a database, a private folder list for the sites and also reloads the server to activate the structured folders that it had automatically created to be able to reach those private files from the server software. The only hard work that you need to do is to log in the new site that you created and develop. 

Advantages of Using Aegir

1)  Site Management

From the Aegir interface, it’s easy to back-up the sites, return to a back-up that you want and set a time to back-up automatically. 

2)  Drupal Development

You can clone, update and patch just with an only click.

3)  Server Management

Websites on any platform can easily be aired with the server configurations in an address over the interface. And you can migrate a website to a different domain. 

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