Free Website Report

We examine your website and report if anything is missing on yout site for free. Furthermore, after reviewing this report, there is no obligation on you to receive services from us :)

Free Website Report

In 2016 40% of internet users in the world (1 billion more people) has already made a purchase on the internet and annual turnover of retail sales made on the internet has reached 2.2 trillion US dollars. The number of Wordpress users all over the world are equalized with Turkey's population. Every day an average of 37,000 websites are hacked. At the search engine result pages, each row is clicked by half the number of visitors of the upper row.

In such a world, being even a little bit above the average website, contributes geometrically to the visitor count or the overall experience of your visitors and members. So, how do you know that your website has above average performance?

We have a report on your website

We examine your website according to current performance criteria and with the help of software that we have developed, we create a customized report for you. With this report that contains your website’s performance, security, search engine and mobile device compliance, you can perform improvements that will allow you to have more visitors or provide a better user experience. Or if you wish, we can do these improvements for you.

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