Geographic Information System (GIS)

Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemi(CBS)

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a combination of hardware, software, personnel, information and method system that collects, stores, captures, manipulates, analyzes, manages and presents spatial data to help users for their decision and result process that is connected to the spatial information. GIS is an updated technology product that helps people to report geographically proximity/spacing/relation/analogy and variation that other reporting techniques such as graphics, tables or text can’t.
GIS’ have applications that are developed for a variety of uses and for specific topics. These applications include Urban Information System, Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS), Vehicle Tracking System, Traffic Information System (IBB Traffic), Campus Information System, Earthquake Information System.
Especially in our everyday life, we ​​are no longer indispensable; there are GIS’ in the background of lots of applications such as Share My Location.

Binbiriz presents NirenGo!

We have developed with a lot of effort and now we present NirenGo. NirenGo collects some of the features of GIS and TMS (Task Management System) to a single framework and distinguishes from the complex structures. The defined tasks are assigned to the relevant individuals in places that are associated with the locations on the map, and these tasks can be supervised by others. The personnel and time-based performance statistics of the tasks can be monitored with graphic charts. NirenGo is completely an open source and free software. This means that software ownership and information confidentiality are entirely belong to the person/organization that purchases it.
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