Content / Data Migration

Content / Data Migration

Content Migration, is the migration of information from a Web content management system (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), document management systems (DMS), or the information stored in plain HTML based systems to a new system. Plain HTML content can contain HTML files, ASP, PHP files and may consist of dynamic or static content.

Content Migration can be a solution to many problems in the current system:

  • Switching from one or more CMS systems into one system allows for more central control, easier content management, better knowledge management and sharing.
  • Content from different sources may be combined on a single CMS, content will be more standardized and have consistent appearance.
Our work in this category:
Aralsan Kurumsal Web Sitesi

ARALSAN Drupal Web Site and SEO Improvement

The Aralsan Web Site, which we have developed using the Drupal infrastructure, has been designed to meet all kinds of corporate needs. We also take Aralsan a few steps ahead of its competitors with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultancy services.
MMO and its Branches are Online with Drupal Multisite Structure

MMO Web Portal is Online with Drupal Multisite Structure

With the installation of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Drupal Multisite, an authorization process was created in accordance with the Headquarters / Branch hierarchy.
Altar Teknoloji Drupal Website

Altar Teknoloji Drupal Website

We developed a website for technical community management purposes for Altar Teknoloji, which is one of the Autodesk “Gold Partner” in Turkey.