CRM (Costumer relationship management) programs are building models for business' to develop treatment of a business through recording customers' information by software that allow developers to be able to act as it fits customer's taste in order to build the trust between costumer and the developer, is called costumer relationship management. You can enpower and manage costumer relationships by creating a CRM according to the roles that you specify with Drupal. Sales programs, marketing programs, costumer services programs and technical support programs are the base for the costumer relations.

Drupal CRM

Drupal, other than the other CRM programs, can easily be customised for all sorts of needs with its modular structure. ERPAL is a Drupal distributer, and it defines itself as a flexible platform for the business applications. ERPAL can also integrate itself to an e-commerce base and with this, it eases the costumer management by using the online sales.

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