"Introdution to Decoupled / Headless Drupal 8" in Free Software and Linux Days 2019

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05 February 2020


Kasım Burak Özdemir
"Introdution to Decoupled / Headless Drupal 8" in Free Software and Linux Days 2019

As Binbiriz, we will give a seminar entitled "Introduction to Headless / Decoupled Drupal 8" in Free Software and Linux Days 2019. As it is known, Drupal 8 has been prominent with the API-first structure since the day it was first announced. Over time, "Headless Drupal" has gradually enriched itself. With the release of Drupal 8.7.0, released on May 1, 2019, Drupal now offers stable JSON: API support in addition to RESTFul network services.

Headless Drupal için 8.7.0 sürümünün çekirdeğinde ağ hizmetleri
Network services in Drupal 8.7.0 core

Without compromising its entity structure, flexibility and security, Drupal makes it possible to use very fast end-points for various usage scenarios and use them in various application areas. The web (HTTP) application programming interface (API) can be used in mobile applications, interfaces developed with technologies such as React, Vue.js, and other pages in Drupal itself. In this sense, Drupal also offers itself to the service of a wider developer base. Various scenarios are possible for

  • fully decoupled applications where the end-user has never seen Drupal,
  • the Drupal management panel is used only for data entry and adjustment, applications where the end-user interacts with interfaces developed with other technologies,
  • or some simple AJAX solutions.

Introduction to Decoupled / Headless Drupal 8 Seminar


Today, "Application Programming Interface" is one of the most important infrastructures of internet technologies. Drupal 8 offers very fast and broad solutions in application programming interface development. It will be introduced with an application example by talking about what these solutions are.

Main Topics

  • What is an Application Programming Interface?
  • What are the areas of use, why are they needed?
  • What are the options to develop an Application Programming Interface?
  • What is Drupal 8?
  • How does Drupal 8 function as an Application Programming Interface engine?
  • Example of an application programming interface service prepared for the Internet of Things device (a web-based application infrastructure prepared for the periodic data flow process from an IoT device in ceramic furnaces)

Date and Time: 12 May Sunday 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Bilgi Üniversitesi Santralistanbul Campus E3 Building Salon 2 (Google Maps)

Links: Free Software and Linux Days 2019, Event Schedule

Events are free of charge and don't need registration.

Resources about Headless Drupal

  1. drupal.org 'API-First' Initiative
  2. Drupal is API-first, not API-only
  3. How to decouple Drupal in 2019
  4. Contenta: API-first Drupal Distribution

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