n terms of features, operation, layout, and design, Drupal is a highly customizable system that offers developers and designers a multitude of options to meet customers' needs. The possibilities to add custom modules to Drupal are almost unlimited. With over 16,000 plugin modules, Drupal offers the power they want from demanding web developers, bloggers with limited HTML experience. Drupal allows you to customize your content.

Customization in Drupal
You can find thousands of free Modules to quickly add specific features to your website. A large community of theme designers has created feature-rich templates to help you realize your website. Aesthetics, fonts, layouts, graphics, adjustable color schemes, and editors make it easy to work with 3rd party themes. You can always find a design that fits your brand identity

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Is Drupal Better or Wordpress?

Is Drupal or Wordpress a better CMS?

The debate about which CMS is better, probably starts with the first ocurrence of the CMS concept. “Is Drupal better or Wordpress or Joomla?” debate is much more heated topic than “Red Dot better or Interwoven ?” debate during the 90’s, when internet is at its infancy, Truth be told, nobody in…